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Baby Bootcamp

$46 per classFrom $46 per visit with Baby Bootcamp passNo purchase required to enroll
30′Exploration: “Object of the day”. Each day, we’ll introduce a different learning material that encourages exploration and support the development and mastery of new skills. Balls, blocks, instruments, shape sorters, sensory bottles, books and more to stimulate your child’s learning.During this time, infants will discover new toys that foster the understanding of cause and effect.

30′Circle time! Time to focus on communication and socialization. Featuring songs and finger play through rhyme and repetition infants will have the opportunity to observe and interact with other infants in the environment. We’ll work on creative communication and self-expression by giving infants the tools necessary to communicate even before they can blurt out their first words.

20′Tummy Time! During tunny time, infants will learn to lift their heads, push up their bodies and, eventually, crawl and cruise. Infants are encouraged to reach, roll, and yes, even get on their tummies in a soothing and supportive environment.

20′ Snack

20′Sensory Play. Time to get messy with fun and mostly edible materials such as ice, spaghetti, veggies or Jell-O. Infants will create their open ended master pieces while they learn about color, shape and textures among another things.

Goodbye and rest time or nap